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Oahu Trip (April)

August 27, 2012

I’ve been having a little technical difficulty with my macbook lately…which means it takes forever for me to get around to loading pictures and blogging. The computer will turn off if the power cord comes unconnected – it doesn’t matter whether it’s fully charged, or if I’m in the middle of something. If the little magnetic cord disconnects? – power off, all changes/work lost! It’s highly frustrating.

But anyway – onto the real reason for this post! It’ll probably be long because I’ve got a lot of pictures to share (finally!). I’m finally blogging about our trip to Hawaii back in April of this year…and in the nick of time too, because we’re going back in a week! But that’s a topic for another post…for now, I’m just so looking forward to our upcoming trip, that I’ve been wanting to relive the last one, and what better way than blogging about it?! 🙂

Howdy’s current job requires him to go to Oahu quite a bit, I think by the time 2012 is over he’ll have been there something like 8 times? Unfortunately, I don’t always get to tag along, but in April I was able to and I accepted without hesitation.

We did not stay in Waikiki this time, like we did in ’09, and I am SO grateful. We had an amazing time, and I credit a lot of it to being away from Waikiki. And the rest to my wonderful tour guides – Jill and Jen!

Our first night on Oahu, we met up with our friends, and went out to dinner and a fun night of karaoke! Jen and Blaine also brought some gorgeous leis to welcome us to the island.

The conference Howdy had to attend didn’t actually start until the end of the week, so we had a few days to hang out and just enjoy the island. We did quite a bit of hiking, both by ourselves and with our friends.

Hike 1 (just Howdy and I in the Honolulu area):

The next day we went hiking on the east side of the island with Jill and Steve, after a delicious red velvet pancake breakfast!

Hike 2:

After our hike we stopped for mochi-covered ice cream. I had Vanilla, Strawberry, and Passion Fruit – SO delicious!!

The next day, Howdy was playing golf in the afternoon, so we went to the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (i.e. – The Punchbowl), and then I hiked by myself that afternoon.

The Punchbowl (with Diamond Head in the background), was having a practice for ANZAC Day while we were there (hence, the Australian flags):

The view of Honolulu from the Punchbowl:

Hike 3:

This hike was gorgeous and shady, taking you out to a pretty waterfall. However, the picture above is the only one I have from this 3rd hike because I had to cross that stream 4 times on the way out to the waterfall…and during the first crossing I dropped my little point and shoot camera into the water. Fail. It went in right about where the large rock in the very middle of the picture is. Luckily, I was able to dry it out over the next day and it was working later, but there was nothing to be done during this particular hike. Oh well – I still really enjoyed it!

The next couple of days Howdy went into work, and I hung out with Jill. She was a fantastic tour guide, and we did a bunch of things I hadn’t done before – such as going to the Wednesday market, paddleboarding (LOVE!!), hanging out on (new to me) beaches, etc…

We also went to North Shore, where we enjoyed garlic shrimp from a shrimp truck, and shave ice from Matsumoto!

And we went to the beach to see all the Sea Turtles. It was pretty incredible!

We had a fantastic time overall, and were able to spend some quality time with good friends in addition to seeing some new-t0-us sights. I wish I had been more vigilant with my camera later in the week, but of course after it took its little swim, it made that a bit more difficult. I can’t wait to go back next week! 🙂

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  1. Jill permalink
    September 5, 2012 12:09 pm

    Cannot wait for this week! We have to find more stuff to do!! Too bad Jen and BBAKE and S aren’t here….oh how quickly things change in just a few months! 😦

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