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Winter Fun!

December 19, 2011

We’ve had some really crazy weather so far this winter. We were less than 6″ away from having record snowfall in the month of November, and then as soon as December hit we’ve had several heat waves that seem to roll in every Saturday on 60-100mph winds and melt the snow! It’s pretty strange. BUT – we haven’t let that stop us from enjoying the outdoors!

The first Monday of every month during the ski season, the ski resort here (Alyeska) has “Military Monday” where military members and their families get FREE lift tickets. December 5th was the first one this season, so I took the day off work and headed down there with a couple of friends. The Saturday before was the first crazy heat wave/windstorm, so a lot of the snow in Anchorage had melted and I think everyone (including us) assumed that the mountain would be icy or slushy, or both. We headed down anyway, figuring it was a free lift ticket, so if it wasn’t great, we’d just leave and it wouldn’t be a huge loss… but, it was awesome! The snow at the base was a little crusty, but I definitely wouldn’t call it “icy”, and the snow midway and at the top was great! And since so many people assumed it would be bad, there were probably 75 people on the whole mountain, which was seriously amazing. We did have one run from the top that was pretty windy, but other than that, we couldn’t have asked for better weather!

We were on the mountain until about 3:30ish, and this was from the last run of the day (about midway down the mountain):

The following weekend, Lindsey and I went tubing on base. It was a little more icy that day, but we didn’t mind that since our whole goal was to slide down the hill as fast as possible – and beat all the children to the bottom. Pretty sure we were the only adults sans kids that were tubing that day, but we didn’t mind. 😉 :

This past Saturday afternoon, once it stopped snowing/raining, Howdy and I decided to take the dogs on a short winter hike near our house. We haven’t been able to do this much lately because we don’t want their paws to get too cold, and they won’t wear their booties. But since it was nearly 40 degrees (!!) on Saturday afternoon, we were able to get them out and get some much needed exercise.

(by the way – these were all taken between 3:30-4:00pm)

I do have to say, even though it’s been nice getting outside, I’m really ready for winter to stick around. I hate the melting and re-freezing because it makes the roads (and every other flat surface) pretty hazardous. Not to mention killing my plans for outdoor winter activities that require snow, and hoping for a White Christmas!

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  1. December 19, 2011 7:41 pm

    love those boys! 🙂 tell jackson i am coming over soon for lots of kisses!

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