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Anniversary Weekend Re-cap

June 12, 2011

Last weekend was our 5-year anniversary, and it was SO nice to finally be able to be together! Howdy and I originally signed up for the Twilight 12k race on Friday night, but unfortunately I was in bed with a migraine the entire day, and wasn’t fully recovered by the time we had to go. I was very disappointed, since I was hoping to improve on my performance from last year, but Howdy managed to convince me that it wasn’t in my best interest to run when I wasn’t fully over the migraine yet. So instead we stayed home until I felt better and then went out for sushi instead.

Saturday morning we got up early and Howdy made us waffles and eggs for breakfast. The weather was a little iffy, but we decided to go up Mt. Baldy for a hike. It was overcast, but it turned out to be really nice for hiking. We came across a group of paragliders enjoying it too!

I kept telling Howdy I wanted to go paragliding, but he wasn’t too excited about that idea. I went once while I was in Italy studying abroad, and it was awesome!

We got so distracted watching the paragliders that we walked right past a turn in the trail and it took us a while to figure out that we were actually following an animal path… it was several piles of fresh moose scat that finally clued us in. Since we didn’t want to run into a mama moose, or any moose for that matter, we quickly retraced our steps until we located the actual trail, and kept going up…

We went about a mile up the mountain, but didn’t go the whole way up because it started to sprinkle a bit and we needed to head back to get ready for our evening plans. In case you’re curious, here’s the elevation change of the part we did hike:

My friend Emily had given us tickets to the Barenaked Ladies concert in Anchorage for Saturday night. She and her husband had planned to go originally, but he ended up being gone so she offered them to us. We got to the concert and it was not well-organized at all. We had “print-at-home” tickets, but you had to go to Will Call to turn them in and get wristbands. So we waited in line to get the wristband, then waited in line to actually get in…then it started to rain, so we waited in line to get into the beer tent (tent = covered), then we waited in line to get drink tickets, then waited in another line to get actual drinks. I felt like we spent half the time just waiting in line. It started to rain more and get really windy and cold, so we didn’t stay the whole time.

Instead, we headed to dinner reservations at one of our favorite restaurants in Anchorage – Orso. 🙂

Yes, there is a sign that says “WILD” just above my head. haha. The lighting clearly wasn’t the best for pictures, but the food was delicious and the company was fantastic – as always! 🙂

Most of Sunday afternoon was spent with some Air Force Academy cadets that Howdy is in charge of while they’re up here this summer. We took them to a picnic in Eagle River given by an association for parents and alumni of all the service academies. The morning had been rainy, but thankfully we had nice weather for the picnic. Afterwards, Howdy and I hung out at Jitters with coffee and books for a couple of hours before going out for dinner and a movie. We saw the new X-Men movie, which we both enjoyed. I was especially excited about how it’s going to take ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon’ to a whole new level! 😉

Overall, we had a nice relaxing weekend. It was great just getting to hang out with my husband and enjoy Alaska together on our anniversary!


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