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Twilight 12k = Oof.

June 5, 2010

Well, I survived the race. 🙂 I also decided to give you the Garmin course and elevation, because it’s a little easier to see, and will be a good reference for my descriptions of the race:

So – Between mile 1 -2 we were running up Government Hill, which is pretty long and climbs quite a bit. It slowed me down a little, but I felt better going up than I thought I would. I was definitely thankful at that moment for the runs I’ve done around my neighborhood though! About 3/4 of the way up the hill I saw the 4 leaders heading back toward me, passing mile marker 3. I cheered for them, and then kept trudging up the hill. 🙂

Until mile 5, the race was a steady up and down. The blisters on my heels (that always seem to materialize on runs over 3 miles), started getting my attention around 4.5 miles – right after I finished the steepest decline of the race. If you look in the map picture, it’s the zig zag you see between miles 4 and 5.

Mile 6 was very scenic to me. We were on a path that went down near the water, and through a park. I hadn’t been down that close to the water yet, and after hearing about the mudflats, it was nice to see them in person. Westchester Lagoon was also gorgeous and peaceful, with the mountains visible in the background. I wished I had my camera. I also kept thinking about taking the dogs down there; they would love it. There were a lot of gnats or mosquitos though, so I was also thinking about bug spray quite a bit during that part of the run. Basically, I was doing everything I could to try to keep my mind off the blisters on my heels. It was becoming very painful to run, and I slowed down a lot.

There was a steep incline right around mile 7 that nearly did me in completely. I kept running, but at that point I’m pretty sure I could have walked faster than I was running. We started seeing people who had already finished walking back down the hill toward us. They kept saying “you’re doing great, you’re almost there!”, so that helped a lot. We finally got to the top of the hill, and ran into Delaney Park. We could see the spectators and the finishers standing around enjoying the beer and pizza. This was probably the most mentally challenging part of the race for me. It was much like the first year I ran the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, because you start seeing all of the “after-party” stuff, but you still have to loop around to get to the actual finish line! I was running around that stupid park mentally cursing the course. All I could think is “where is the $*%&*#! finish line?!?!”. FINALLY I was there! I crossed and made a beeline for the water. I was so thirsty – I guzzled about 7 cups as fast as I could. I also checked out the blisters on my heels, which had become horrible blood blisters about the size of a quarter. 😦 I walked on my tiptoes the rest of the night to keep from putting pressure on them.

I met up with Mary, Mike, and their brother-in-law Dan (the people I came with), as well as Katie (Dan’s wife; Mike’s sister), Mike’s mom, and Mary and Mike’s kids. It had started to cool off, and we decided to treat ourselves to some dessert and coffee somewhere warmer. Mike’s mom took Mary and the kids, and I walked with Katie, Dan, and Mike to the Alaska Cake Studio, which was about 6 blocks away. I had an amazing slice of Champagne Cake and a strawberry smoothie. SO GOOD!! We were there until about 9:45ish, then Mary took me back to Mike’s parents’ house to get my car, and I came home, showered and crashed!!

Overall, I finished about 15 minutes slower than I thought I would, so I was a little disappointed. But I’m very glad that I ran the race anyway. It just gives me a time to improve upon, I suppose. It was also great to get to hang out with everyone, and it sure beats sitting home on a Friday night! 🙂

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  1. June 6, 2010 11:03 pm

    Sorry about the blisters! That sounds like a super challenging course, with all the elevation changes. I actually get mad at people when they tell me that the end is near. It never helps me….I just get mad that they are done running but I have to keep plugging away. Good work finishing and getting through your first Alaskan race!

  2. June 7, 2010 11:24 am

    Um, I am sooo jealous of your piece of cake. That place looks amazing, and I want to go there when I come to visit you!

    On a side note, I totally feel your blister pain. The ones I got yesterday from my half marathon, where it poured the first 2 miles, are the size of a kiwi. Miserable.

  3. Megan permalink
    June 7, 2010 9:41 pm

    aww! I remember running this race last year! I did it in an hour exactly and about DIED during the last mile!! I really ❤ the coastal trail! Miss it so much!

  4. June 10, 2010 12:14 pm

    Wow, that course sounds amazing! I’m sure it was gorgeous. Probably not the best way to run a race, but too bad you couldn’t have a camera with you 🙂


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