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Driving to Alaska: Day 6

May 9, 2010

The days are all starting to run together now… Day 6 was driving from Grand Prairie, Alberta to Fort Nelson, British Columbia, which is about 584 kilometers. The drive was even more interesting than the day before. We made the 6th day a bit shorter, so we were able to get into Fort Nelson and get a little extra sleep before the last few days of hardcore mountains. Fort Nelson is a “big” town in the area, but there are still only maybe 6 streets in the whole town, and very few people. We stayed at the Super 8 again… for $140/night – per room! That’s what we call a monopoly, folks. There was a Boston Pizza across the parking lot, so we walked over there for dinner, and watched some of the Stanley Cup finals on the TVs in the bar.

We also had our first “wildlife encounter” while we were driving to Fort Nelson. A VERY large doe (possibly an elk or a caribou) was heading out into the road from the left side of the highway. Howdy had to slam on the brakes and swerve a little to avoid hitting it. It took me a quite a while to get my heart rate back to normal after that.

There was also one point where we were down to about 30 miles left on the tank of gas – no telling how far that would get us in the mountains – and no real way to know how far we were from Fort Nelson… only that we had to be nearly there. Howdy and I both were getting very nervous. We finally found a gas stop and filled up the tank. We got back in the car, and 2km later, we reached Fort Nelson. We felt a little silly for doubting ourselves (we originally looked at the distance and determined we could make it), but were relieved we had found gas regardless!

Well, I’m off to bed in Whitehorse, YT. I’ve been writing all of these posts a day behind, because it’s easier…. but, I can’t wait to write the post for today (which was Day 7)!! It was definitely the most exciting day of the drive so far, and I took a few hundred pictures, so I can’t wait to SHOW you too!! I’m too tired tonight to give the post the attention it deserves, so I plan to put it together tomorrow for you. Also, I found the cord for the camera… and then lost it again. 😦 Epic Fail. I know where it should be in the truck, but I’m hoping I didn’t accidentally knock it out onto the ground at some point and lose it forever. I won’t know until tomorrow morning, because I’m too tired to go all the way down to the parking lot to check – especially since it involves putting on about 2 more layers of clothes. Hopefully I won’t be such a spaz tomorrow. 🙂 G’night!

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