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Princess for a weekend, Part 2

March 15, 2010

I guess when I said “tomorrow” in Part 1, I really meant 3 days. Oh well, sometimes life just gets in the way.

So there we were… at the very front of the 20-minute walk to the starting line at 4:30am on the morning of the race, in our tiaras, of course. πŸ˜‰ It was approximately 42 degrees. I was wearing Nike running capris, a hot pink singlet, and a running jacket that I thrown into my car at the last minute before heading to Orlando (thank God!!) – no hat, no gloves, no pants. And I wasn’t the only one! Many people were very under-dressed, and we were all so cold. We split up when we got to the starting corrals. Kat and Julie are much faster than I am, so they were in Corral 1. I made my way back to Corral 3. When I entered my corral, the bouncer (?) told me they had set up space heaters back there – so I may have gotten a better deal in that case. I’m not sure if they were really there, but I felt warmer, and that was really all I cared about at that point. The DJ kept things lively and we were dancing the electric slide, the cupid shuffle, and the macarena as a group, trying to keep our muscles warm. Unfortunately, about 30 minutes before the race started, they instructed us all to scoot up/closer together, which made it harder to dance, and forced us to stay still so we wouldn’t bump into each other – not good for staying loose in the cold.

About 15 minutes before the race started, I got hungry. Stomach-growling hungry. Not good. I knew that the cake donut I had for breakfast at 3:15am (I know… healthy, right?) was not going to be enough – especially since it was now 2 hours later and I had been dancing and trying to keep warm. I wished I had thought to bring some snacks to the starting line *mental note for next time*.

At 6am Corral 1 started the race in a burst of pink fireworks. Kat and Julie’s chip times were only 1 second behind the race clock, so that tells you how near the front we were walking out there. My corral started at 6:14, amid another burst of fireworks. I thought it was really cool that they did that for the start of each corral.

The first 5 miles of the race seemed to go by really quickly. There was music and various Disney characters at regular intervals throughout the course. After about 5 and a half miles I started to think that I was now past the distance I had run in training (note: I use the the word “training” loosely). It was warming up now that the sun was out, and I was still hungry. I grabbed a powerade at the next drink station which helped some. I ended up walking through each drink station after that. I got powerade at all but one, and had water at a couple as well. They were giving out Clif shots between miles 8 and 9. I grabbed a strawberry one, which had the flavor and consistency of the jelly inside Gushers candies.

The race started and ended in the Epcot parking lot. We ran from Epcot to the Magic Kingdom, and pretty much all the way around the Magic Kingdom including going through archway in Cinderella’s castle. Here’s a map of the course:

Miles 8-10 were a bit harder, but after mile 11 I was really struggling. My left knee started to hurt and I could feel huge blisters forming on the inside of my heels. I don’t know if you’ve seen Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion, but the line, “I cut my foot before and my shoe is filling up with blood” kept running through my head…

Ultimately, I wasn’t really happy with my time, but it was a fun race and I am so glad that I ran it! I would definitely recommend running a Disney race if you ever get the chance. It’s a great time, and I love the medals, which are shaped like tiaras!

After the race I met up with Julie and Kat, and we went back to Aunt Kath’s house to shower and get dressed for the day. We decided to spend the afternoon walking around the Magic Kingdom to “keep the muscles loose”. We wore the tiaras, obviously. The admission to the park for 1 day was over $80 each, so we were committed to getting our money’s worth. We rode SO many of the rides, and the longest wait we had the entire time was 45 minutes for the Big Thunder Mountain roller coaster. We waited maybe 10 minutes for the teacups, Small World, and the carousel. We only waited about 30 minutes for Space Mountain (and we didn’t do the FastPass thing at all). It was a really good time, but we were there until around 8:30pm!

We hobbled our way out of the park and ended up going to CityWalk near Universal Studios for dinner. We had planned to go to Pat O’Brien’s, but they wanted us to pay a cover just to eat inside (they had a dueling piano bar going on), or we could eat outside – but it had gotten cold again, and we weren’t up for that. So instead we walked over to Emeril’s and had a more expensive, but incredibly delicious, celebratory dinner.

When it was all said and done, we didn’t get back to Aunt Kath’s house until after 11pm – which means we were on our feet for roughly 20 hours, including running a half-marathon!! I think it goes without saying that we were exhausted. But we got up early and left Aunt Kath’s house at 9am and went to Downtown Disney to shop at the Disney store for souvenirs – so more walking around. My feet/knees were NOT happy.

I took Julie and Kat to the airport at 11am, and then made the 6+ hour drive back to Charleston. I was happy that I made it back just in time to pick the boys up from the kennel before they closed. πŸ™‚ I ended up icing my knee and sleeping with the ice wrap on my leg until Thursday!

Overall though, I had a completely great time! I would do it again and definitely recommend it to others!

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  1. March 17, 2010 11:01 am

    FUN! I want to run a Disney race! I really want to run a half marathon this yer but I am really scared because the longest race I have ever ran is a 12K and I was crippled for like 3 days afterward…good for you! Glad you had fun!

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