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Princess for a weekend, Part 1

March 12, 2010

I promised a post about the Disney Princess Half-Marathon, and at last I have a couple of minutes so I can go into the details – only took me nearly a week, no big deal…

Last Friday I called in sick to work so I could drive down to Orlando (I tried to schedule the day off, two months in advance, but they said no – so I called in sick :P). I waited until Friday morning to pack, but I had made “the list” two days before, so the packing was done in about 35 minutes. I decided to get a pedicure on my way out of town (at the Princess Nails by my house), and when the pedicurist found out I was going to Florida for the weekend, right about the time she started in the leg massage portion, she practically gasped and said, “But you’re SOOOOOO white!!”. *sigh* I know. Thank you for reminding me. After she was done assessing my skin tone, I was on the road to Orlando. Because of the pedicure, I ended up getting out a little late and hit Jacksonville, FL at rush hour. It sucked. But all in all, I got to Orlando around 7pm and drove to the airport to pick up Julie and Kat who flew in from Connecticut to run too!

We stayed at Aunt Kath’s house about 10 minutes from Disney. Aunt Kath is not actually related to any of us, but we’ve all adopted her (and vice versa), so she will forever be “Aunt Kath” to us. Friday night she made us stuffed shells, garlic bread, and a delicious salad, which was amazing. We got up early on Saturday to go to the Expo at the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex and pick up our race packets. We got there  at 10am, right when it opened, and had our pictures taken with the Fairy Godmother and her footmen. Julie and Kat were fairy-dusted, then we made our way inside. The Expo was large, but a little disappointing. This was my first big expo, and there was a lot of stuff for sale, but really no freebies or samples (except what came in the packet). I will say the race packet was pretty good. I liked the shirt they gave us (which were the right size, but the tags showed a size larger than they were), the bag was mesh with a zip-pocket which is really handy, and they also gave us a pair of socks. We spent some time wandering around the expo, seeing what there was to see, then got out of there around 11:30 because we were hungry!

We took Kat to Macaroni Grill for lunch, because she had never been there, and then we went back to Aunt Kath’s and laid out by the pool for a few hours – in our bikinis with our giant food-babies. 🙂 I even fell asleep in the sun, which I NEVER do, but the weather was just that perfect. For dinner we treated Aunt Kath to dinner at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney. After our meal we went back to Aunt Kath’s and took a quick 20 minute dip in the hot tub, then went right to bed. We were in bed by 9:30 (although I couldn’t fall asleep until around 10) because we had to get up at 3AM to leave for the race!! They required everyone to be parked in the Epcot parking lot no later than 4:30am, and in your corral no later than 5:30am, or you weren’t allowed to race. What they didn’t tell us, was that they wouldn’t let you start walking to your corral until 4:30. SO we parked at 4am, then had to stand out in the cold for another 30 minutes until they opened the gate to lead us to the starting line!

Well, I know that’s kind of a teaser… I meant to write more, but I’m exhausted from this week. I’ll finish up with my recap of Sunday (yes, including the actual race) tomorrow. Hope you all have a wonderful night, and hopefully you’ll be back for Part 2 tomorrow. 🙂

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