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So behind…

January 21, 2010

The last couple of weeks have been crazy around here, and I’m still trying to catch up:

– I got a promotion and a raise at work
– I’ve started running again (a few times a week) in addition to Zumba and  yoga, since I have a half-marathon coming up again at the beginning of March, and I’m NOT ready for it.
– We planned and booked a trip to the DR with friends in April.
– Our new living room furniture was delivered (and I love it!!)
– My husband flew to Haiti to deliver relief (and consequently appeared on our local news 5 times last weekend).
– I’ve been switched back to supporting the first software I was trained on at work because their call volume is so high in January, which leads to a lot of added frustration at work (long story).
– We are driving to Charlotte tomorrow night immediately after I get off work, so we can fly out of that airport Saturday morning.
– We will be spending Saturday 1/23 – Saturday 1/30 house-hunting in Alaska.

Getting ready for this trip to Alaska, combined with work, and trying to figure out if when I’m going to quit, training for the half-marathon, plus taking care of the day-to-day things… I’m exhausted. I looked at my Google reader this morning and there are 65 unread posts!! It’s been raining all day here, and rain + stress + another factor = migraine. SO I am at home with a migraine today. It’s good in some ways, because if it goes away, I can actually get some stuff done around the house (like laundry, packing, catching up with Google reader…), but it also means I have that much more to do at work tomorrow before I leave town for a week. *sigh* Luckily, Howdy has been awesome through the last couple of weeks. He’s been making dinner so it’s ready when I get home (since he gets off work before I do, usually) which gives me time to eat and go to the gym or run; He has cleaned the house by himself one week, and helped me clean it last weekend; He has helped significantly with the dogs… basically he’s amazing and I feel so lucky to have him when things start to get out of control for me. 🙂

I probably won’t get another post in before we leave for Alaska, but at least one of us (if not both) will have a computer up there, so I fully plan on posting some updates from up there!

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  1. January 21, 2010 4:59 pm

    Congrats on the promotion and raise- that’s fabulous! Good luck finding a house in Alaska too, I’m excited to hear about what you find.

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