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Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

November 30, 2009

Yes, it’s a few days late, but my posts like to make  fashionably late appearances (or something). You know, better late than never and all that jazz. Anyways, after work last Wednesday Howdy and I dropped the boys off at the kennel and caught a flight to Detroit to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my mom and her family (aka – my stepdad and sisters). Since Howdy hadn’t been up there since 2005, before we were married, it was nice to get him back up there to see where I spent the first 15 years of my life.

Watching football is always a big Thanksgiving tradition around our house. Since I am from Detroit and Dallas, and the Lions and Cowboys play every year – it’s a no-brainer. This year, we actually went to see the Lions/Packers game at Ford Field in downtown Detroit. The stadium is really nice – although I’ve never been patted down before going into a pro sporting event before (Not a joke, by the way – There were separate lines for Men and Women, and they literally had each person open their coat, while they felt along your arms, body and waist. They also made you empty your pockets if they felt anything). The Lions lost, which we expected, but there was some terrible play calling on their side, as well as a couple of bad referee calls. Luckily the quaterback and one of the receivers from the Packers are on Howdy’s fantasy football team, so he was happy. 😉

We also had a non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner at the Renaissance Center (RenCen) in downtown Detroit, and walked around the GM and OnStar headquarters (where my mom works) for a little while. There was a great view from the top looking out over the Detroit River to the Ambassador Bridge and Canada.

Friday my mom made a traditional Thanksgiving dinner (of course I only ate potatoes, bread, green beans, corn, and sweet potatoes), and we relaxed and spent some quality family time together. Saturday was more family time, with a late breakfast followed by an even later lunch at a delicious sushi place. Howdy and I were on a plane back to Charleston via Atlanta by 7pm on Saturday, and we landed in Charleston at midnight. Incidentally, there happened to be 3 people I knew on our flight from Atlanta to Charleston.

We did nothing interested on Sunday, just picked up the puppies and “recovered” from our travels. I am not going to go into details about all of the things I’m thankful for… there are too many and this post is already long enough. But suffice it to say, I have been very blessed this year (and always), in more ways than I ever thought possible and definitely more than I deserve.

Now – on to the Christmas season. Strap on your helmets kids, it’s gonna get rough out there.

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