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Book Review: Twilight of a Queen

November 3, 2009

Twilight of a Queen by Susan Carroll is the fifth book in a series that I enjoy. This series is set in France during the Renaissance period and the primary villain is Catherine de Medici, the Italian-born wife of King Henry II. One element of this series that I particularly like is that the main heroine of each book is different, although they are all intertwined. There are three Cheney sisters living on Faire Isle at the beginning of the series. The first 3 books feature each of the sisters respectively. Twilight of a Queen primarily focuses on the Lady Jane Danvers, a Catholic Englishwoman in exile during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I due to events that happened near the end of the 4th book. She takes refuge with the Lady of Faire Isle (Ariane, the eldest of the Cheney sisters) and becomes friends with another refugee -a young girl named Margaret Wolfe (Meg). Catherine de Medici is searching for Meg, convinced that Meg has the power to restore her youth and salvage her son’s reign through the use of dark magic. Catherine sends a ship captain named Xavier in search of Meg, but he wants nothing to do with Faire Isle and sails in the opposite direction. When a storm shipwrecks him on Faire Isle despite his attempts to avoid it, he is forced to come to terms with a family secret and to decide whether he will serve the Queen or follow his heart.

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