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There is a RAT in my grill!!

March 1, 2009

What the hell?!?! What do you do when there is a RAT in your grill?!! This is not metaphorical people… I got home tonight at 3am, and let the dogs out before bed. It was raining and Nelson refused to come inside. He was freaking out and jumping at the grill like a crazy dog. At first I thought there was a frog on the outside or something. He likes to chase/kill frogs. I went outside in the rain because he wouldn’t come in, and looked all over the outside of the grill, but there was nothing there. I tried to coax him into the house with promises of treats, but no luck. He continued to sniff and jump at the grill. I figured whatever he was trying to get at had gone inside the grill, so I opened up the the top, and there it was – a HUGE rat. I freaked out – pretty sure I yelled some profanity outside, a little after 3am – and dropped the grill cover. There is no way I am dealing with this now… but what do you do?! I don’t really want to put rat poison in the backyard because the dogs are out there all the time, but I definitely do NOT want to have rats in the grill…UGH!!! Any ideas…anyone…any at all???

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  1. March 1, 2009 5:15 am

    Sprinkle chili powder inside your grill. Try eucalyptus also.

  2. Jennifer Baker permalink
    March 1, 2009 10:52 am

    OMG..don’t even get me started on the rat/squirrel problem we had this time last year. Whatever you do..DO NOT put rat poison out. This led to animals dying INSIDE our house…and thousands of dollars later to fix it. What a mess! I haven’t heard of any remedies for this, but the chili powder sounds like a good idea! If you’re like me, you may need an entire bottle of bleach to disinfect the grill…or you may just want to get a new one. 🙂

  3. March 1, 2009 12:18 pm

    getting a new grill had definitely crossed my mind… I’m sure Howdy wouldn’t argue. I am absolutely completely disgusted by it now.

  4. March 1, 2009 12:21 pm

    i think i would have died – or found some kind of firearm and gone apeshit on the grill. i guess the only good thing about my condo is that i’m on the third floor and my grill is on the balcony – if a rat were to get in there, that thing would have superpowers and i would definitely freak the hell out. i would probably get a new grill. maybe you were hallucinating – since it was 3 a.m. and all. rats are not okay.

  5. March 1, 2009 12:27 pm

    yeeeaahhh… not hallucinating unfortunately. There are rat droppings on the ground by the grill and Nelson still keeps trying to get into it… so I’m pretty sure he’s still in there. I am not looking in there until after the rain stops though. I’m hoping that will send him back to his hole so I can safely open the grill to try the chili powder thing.

  6. March 1, 2009 12:48 pm

    Another tip: don’t plug holes created by rats if you don’t want to see them create much more.

  7. kelly permalink
    March 2, 2009 8:16 am

    plug the holes and turn on the gas

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